Monday, February 9th, 2004!!



Been a while since my last update. heh. Keen's been down as of late, which is kinda bogus. but I'm glad things are getting back on track!
Things will be picking up here for Mike and I soon! Though not right away in the comic-section of life. Fanime-con is coming up in May, and we're preparing for this! Yey for artwork, huh? So! After all the work I've got to do for that [read: 3 pictures - such a brutal workload!], I've got some plans for comic type deals. Mike and I will be working things out soon for DeviLancers, since I need the end of the chapter.
Also my poetry and writings site will be up as soon as I finish the graphics for it! So keep a look out for that too!
The ROmake page has been removed, and I've organized the files on the site - I feel accomplished!
However - I do have some omake ideas rumbling about in my fairly airy head so we'll see what pops up within the next few months.
I've got some great story ideas spinning, and comic ideas as well, and the way things are going I'm going to have to pick just one to start off with and remove all the other buttons.
Be looking for an easier navigation layout as well sometime soon!!
I love this purple layout, but I've been told that the navigation is a little difficult so I'm going to adjust things - perhaps there'll actually be an art piece used in the layout this time!! That art piece will be the comic that's going to start, so it will be a clue to which-ever comic takes precedence.
For now, Mike and I are going to converse on which comic we want to tackle first, and once that gets going we might work on something else; bur first! Fanime!!

Happy New Year! (that is if you think Early Feb is the beginning of the new year.) One of Mori's resolutions, as I've kept up my resolution of no resolutions for almost 17 years now, have been to make sure there's legitimate and consistent updates to this network.
What does that mean? More lost game time, sleepless nights and near car crashes because I have to figure out why Bob the mighty stole the key to central core. (I have a problem with day dreaming) oh... and it means more comics for you guys.
 I think she's priming up the Ph37h3r now, so if you have any ideas of what you'd like to see, throw me a line!

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